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    hello all at Tigerprint,

    Hope all is well, just wanted to let you all know about my new website and my blog.


    Emily Hogarth

    Hi Emily
    Thanks for the message, we will certainly take a look at your new site.



    I done a placement with TP in Bradford last summer - was great... worked on Christmas wrap and bags!!

    Anyway, just letting you know about my new blog which features all my work! I'm also working on an Etsy store so hopefully it will be up and running soon! :)

    Thanks, Ashleigh

    Hi Ashleigh

    Many thanks for your message, i will certainly take a look and pass it on.

    Good luck!


    I did a placement at Tigerprint in January and had an 18th birthday card made-please could you thank the everyday design manager for sending me some copies of the card.
    Also to let you know about my new website.


    Liz kay

    Im a second year student currently studying at Liverpool John Moores University and im looking to do a work placement with TigerPrint and I would just like some more information on how I should go about this.
    Do i need to e-mail my portfolio to someone specific?
    Kind regards
    Melissa Burns

    Hi, I've been trying to contact Tigerprint today and all the email addresses listed on this page, the site and the Student pdf pack have been returned to my mailbox saying they're not listed in the Domino there an alternate address I can use?

    Hi Yvie

    If you would like to drop me an email [email protected]



    Hi Melissa

    If you would like to email me [email protected]



    Hello! please may I have some info on placements? I would love to get involved

    Many thanks



    I'd just like to thank all at Tigerprint for allowing me to visit last week.
    It was such an opportunity to see everyone at work [especially at such a busy time of year!]
    Now that I've had a taster you won't be rid of me =]

    Yvie O

    Just happened to stumble upon this site by accident and I cannot believe I've never seen it before!! Would love to contribute if possible. Please find all my details attached :)

    Hi Vic
    I just happened to come across this website a few weeks ago and have been glued to it since. but everytime I open it an attachment my the name-studio 2-4.(mov) starts downloading itself on my laptop.Could you tell me what it is? Just a bit concerned as i dont want any unwanted virus.

    Hi Priyanka

    Thank you for your message.
    It is not a virus but a movie of our studio. It is most likely a setting in your preferences as we have a similar problem but for permissions with the same movie.
    I have now taken the post off so if you could please try again and let me know if that solves the problem?



    Hi Vic
    Thanks for the prompt reply and also for looking into it.
    Its not downloading the attachment anymore.

    Hello Tiger Print Team!

    Just wanted to show you my website!

    thanks! Caroline :)

    Thanks Caroline we will be sure to take a look.


    Hi Vic & all the team,

    I'm a fashion Illustrator and thought I'd send you my website & blog to take a peek at :)

    Have a lovely day!

    Thanks Gemma we will take a look.

    Would love to share this link to my website:


    Hi vic

    I am currently in my first year at Birmingham city university studying textiles, and i was wondering how i would get involved with taking part in a work placement at Tigerprint !

    They work you guys do is inspiring.

    Many thanks

    Emma scott

    Hi Emma

    If you would like to drop me an email with examples of your work or a link to a blog/website.
    [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Hi Vic,

    I have recently graduated from De Montfort University where I studied Graphic Design and would be really interested in carrying out a placement with Tigerprint! Would it be possible to send me any information on how I can go about applying for this?

    Many Thanks,

    Thanks Jae, I've just dropped you an email.

    Kind regards


    Hi Vic and co.
    I have just finished studying illustration at Manchester School of Art and would really love to do a summer placement at Tigerprint.
    If you have the time here is a link to my website:

    Many thanks,

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