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"Bulb.O" is the name of the city were bulbs, lights, fairy lights and any other kind of light retire to after they are done serving their purpose here on earth.
It is a city were bulbs have a second life, and do not end in landfill.

I have included two of the characters that inhabit "Bulb.O" for your consideration of M&S's personalised card collection.

Warrior: He is the silent type, astute, wise and assertive. He used to be an energy saver bulb, he now keeps the city safe and has a huge heart.
He enjoys the outdoors and loves cricket. His greatest wish is to become a father.

Bright: He is the extrovert of the bunch. He loves to laugh, he's smart, and full of joy for life. He enjoys chess and video games.
He is widely known for his achievements in mathematics and science. One day he hopes to create a bulb that is 100% recyclable.

I believe either Warrior or Bright can become a great addition to the M&S family, they are versatile and can easily be adapted to any situation. I see these characters developing as the city grows. The "Bulb.O" city characters can teach younger generations about recycling, which I consider a current and relevant subject.

The characters and cards themselves have been made using scrap materials, including paper, textiles and used bulbs.

By Conga